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"I have lived in RI for 57 years, and cannot believe that I have never been here before. I had the best pizza of my life (and I have eaten a lot of pizza!)last night. We ate outside in the garden area, and began with a special Greek Mesclun green salad. It was huge and to die for. Then, the wood-grilled "Everything" pizza appeared. Pure heaven. The crust was indescribable, and the mounds of meats and fresh veggies and cheese were the best. No room for anything else, can't wait to go have the leftovers!"

"I make a point to try "the best pizza in town" in every town I visit. Bob and Timmy's is without a doubt the best pizza anywhere. I wish they'd make themselves a franchise and bring it to NYC."

"Never had a better Pizza! Everyone is very friendly and the place is very cute! The place has been fixed up since the last time I was there and it looks great! Can't wait to go again!"
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