Bob And Tim’s Ultimate Pizza And Wings

Italian Pizza Oven Cooked

The Legend of Bob & Tim’s Grilled Pizza

Years ago two weary travellers stumbled across a quaint village in the Sicilian Hills.

The old innkeeper gave them a place to stay and put them to work serving wine and pizza to a clientele that spoke and dressed like they were from another century.

But what pizza!

Not baked but grilled on an open wood fire, the thin smoky flavored crust smeared with tangy tomato sauce, fresh cheese and mouth watering toppings.

It was unlike anything they ever tasted. When they left the old man gave them the secret of making this grilled pizza.

Later when they asked about the village no one had heard of it except one man who said it had been gone for years.

Was it a dream?

When you taste Bob & Tim’s Grilled Pizza you might agree because their grilled pizza tastes like a dream from another age…